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It’s really about customer service. We have never considered that manufacturing furniture should be a goal in itself. For us, it is a tool which enables us to offer competitive pricing, ensure the quality of the product and, most importantly, guarantee the highest levels of customer service.

Our approach to manufacturing is simple – we make what we have orders for and we only deal direct with the end client. We do not involve re-sellers. We invest in the best machinery available and support it with the most up to date software packages. The most important of these are Magicut and Licam.

Magicut is a system which ensures the most economical patterns for cutting board and minimising waste.

Licam allows our Product Designers to translate their AutoCAD drawings into the operating language of the machines. This saves valuable time by allowing the machinists to work from a component library and minimises the time needed to change from one component to another.

Our goal is to be able to make a batch size of one simply and efficiently enabling us to produce bespoke solutions without major cost penalties. An efficient and flexible in-house manufacturing capability, working to the ultimate Lean principles, creates a level of responsiveness to customer needs which is second-to-none.

Please contact us on 01625 431979 for more information.