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The way we operate in our workplaces continues to evolve. There is a rising demand to create spaces within existing workplace environments. Fluid-ity is the answer to this.

Fluid-ity is a flexible freestanding screen solution that allows new spaces to be created, whether for individual working, collaboration or housing equipment. With this in mind, we have categorised Fluid-ity into three distinct areas: Focus, Team and Wall, which have all been designed to stimulate your imagination.


Creating individual spaces for independent working is of the upmost importance for most employers. Fluid-ity has the flexibility to deliver any number of individual setups. These aid concentration and reduce disruption by offering sound reduction, which is acoustically tested with a 30dB reduction rating.

Private areas can be crated through a number of different setups. Fluid-ity is a modular system that can be constructed to create a number of creative designs suitable for any environment.

Different shapes can be used along with a range of fabrics and colours. This means there are no limitations to your imagination. Flexibility is at the heart of Fluid-ity, its height, width, depth, footprint, shape, layers, fabrics, accessories and uses can all be tailored to your exact requirements.

Inviting areas can be created and designed to work in conjunction with existing office furniture, giving your employees access to their optimal working environment. Whether it is to fulfil a permanent desk solution or create a dynamic hot desk area, Fluid-ity is the perfect solution. The shared walls of the furniture create a clean look, whilst value engineering any project by using shared components.

Whilst we have created some standard options, the versatility of Fluid-ity means we can configure almost any formation. So if you have something in mind, we will work with you to develop a unique setup that perfectly meets all your requirements.


Collaborative spaces are also frequently required in the workplace. Employers are looking to create places where staff can work, meet or socialise with their colleagues. Fluid-ity, along with implementation of other furniture, can deliver this desired space. By using curved forms to break away from rigid office environments, you can provide a welcoming area to share ideas.

By creating these rooms-within-rooms, movement is encouraged and a chance to get away from your usual workspace can lead to improved results. Our Fluid-ity range can offer a number of benefits using a variety of solutions.

Spaces for team work, briefings and impromptu meetings allow staff to reach their full creative potential, communicate successfully with their co-workers and be inspired by their working environment.

Our flexible furniture solutions provide modern aesthetics with integrated communication and media connectivity to encourage group collaboration. By adding integrated dry-wipe boards you can create an idea sharing collaborative space.

Add extra privacy by adding the option of an acoustically insulated roof, creating a perfect space for private team collaboration within an existing open plan area. Lighting, soft seating and tables can be added, creating modern aesthetics, suitable for a dynamic office environment.


Segregation can create important departmental boundaries or provide distinct identities to areas designed for different types of work. Likewise, Fluid-ity screens can provide provision for resource isolation, creating a sound reduction shield for shared resources, such as printers and storage. This minimises disruption to staff to keep your team productive.


A five year guarantee against defects providing that the product has only been subjected to normal wear and tear and has not been misused or abused. Fabrics are excluded.


Can be manufactured to any shape of size allowing you full adaptability. The options shown here are examples of what can be created.


Can be manufactured as a modular unit which provides the same type of solution but manufactured from five standardised pieces which allows you re-configurability for future use.


Panels are acoustically tested and rated to 30dB noise reduction. The panels achieve this with an internal layer of sound absorbing foam. Certificate no. 22913 T01.


Panels and lids can be fitted with a range of lighting solutions to enhance working areas. All cabling is hidden within the product and terminates at floor level.


Panels can be fitted with a range of power and charge solutions to enhance working areas. All cabling is hidden within the product and terminates at floor level.

For more information on the Fluid-ity range, please contact us on 01625 431979.