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The last few years have taught us that there is no 'one size fits all' solution to effective office design. Open plan and cellular both have advantages and disadvantages, and good design should never be reduced to a simple choice between one of the other.

Arca is an innovative and flexible storage solution which integrates with existing desking systems. Together they create a stylish environment for today's evolving workplace.

An Alternative Solution

Whilst the benefits of open plan are obvious for most employees in most businesses and have encouraged the breakdown of hierarchical structures, leading to improved group working, better communication and a reduction in the overall size of the office footprint, there have inevitablly been some casualties along the way.

At-desk storage solutions are minimised in open plan office areas but there are still occasions when an individual needs quick and easy reference to files and folders. The Arca system provides an innovative solution to this problem whilst offering potentially large savings to organisations.

Diverse Solution

The Arca system integrates seamlessly with a range of products to create configurations that meet your exact requirements. These could include desking, soft seating, screens and meeting tables, but the options are limitless.

Arca provides the concept of a cellular workspace in an open office, resulting in a space-effective solution when compared to a traditional cellular office.

It works equally well in either a perimeter or island configuration as the storage spine can be accessed from either side to concentrate maximum storage into a minimum footprint.


The ability to integrate formal and informal meeting areas into the Arca footprint creates opportunities for easy, straightforward collaboration between colleagues, meeting the needs of the modern organisation.

Arca's versatile modular design makes it the ideal addition to an office space or the focal point of a meeting area because it can be configured to suit multi-use work environments.

With its casual and contemporary aesthetic, Arca can help to define a space that is ideal for professional collaboration and individual working alike.

One Arca system - Two desk styles

Arca can match the aesthetic of our standard desking systems to blend seamlessly into the overall office environment.

One this page, we have used our E2A and Bench Lite systems to illustrate how each presents a different visual dynamic and offers differing price points.


Modern technology demands the correct power solutions to support it. Arca provides a suitable platform for whatever level of support is required.

Arca will also accept standard cable management systems and desktop privacy screens.


Complementary freestanding lockers are also available within the Arca range.  

A choice of locking systems are available, as well as door name holders and post box facilities.

For more information on the Arca system, please contact us on 01625 431979.